Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sophita and Katsucon 2011

Well, I was really bad and didn't take any progress shots of the things I did when making Sophitia, and therefore didn't make any blog posts.
What I wore at Katsucon 2011!

Sophitia - Soul Calibur
Weeping Angel!
 Lots more photos of both the Weeping Angels and my Soul Calibur group under the cut! :)

I finished it in time, and wore it at Katsucon 2011.
Here are some awesome pics taken by The_Wendy_Bird over on Flickr.
Ktar was Xianghua, and Julie was Olcadan.
It was really fun wearing these in a group!
Click for a HUUUUGE version of the photo :)

We also got a photo shoot as the Weeping Angels with her! She was very nice, and had good ideas for posing us :)

Brofist, lol

My next convention is Animazement in May, and I want to fix up a few things on Sophitia before then, such as the fit on the belts, and touching up the paint on my sword and shield, as well as adding the lettering to the sword.

I don't know if I will make anything new for Animazement, I have a lot on my plate until graduation in May, and if I get an internship I applied for, I'll be moving to Orlando in June! :O

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