Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finished Flame Princess costume!

Here's the Finished Flame Princess costume! Photos taken at Animazement 2012



  1. Great costume! How did you make your dress? My friends are dressing up as people from adventure time and I've been made head of the costume department. Maybe make a post or something, I'm really new at costume making n' stuff so, yeah :D

    1. I am really not sure how to explain how I did it. I used my dress form and some cheap fabric to come up with the pattern. The skirt is a really basic tube shape with elastic at the top and two large snaps to hold it in place on te orange bodice. Typ pattern out the bodice I kind of pinned and marked how And where i wanted the darts for my boobs and how I wanted the points to go at the bottom. It's double layered so all the edges are nice and it hangs a bit better. The edging was apartments out on paper before I cut it out and it's double layered so the edges are nice on that. I hand sewed the pink edging on.



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