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I love making costumes. So much in fact that I plan on going to grad school for it. Until then, I'm just going to cosplay and wear my creations to conventions.
I've been attending (mostly) anime conventions since May 2003. I (usually) always attend Animazement in Raleigh, NC. Since then, I've been to cons in several states and seasons. I tend to always cosplay at cons, even if it's reusing an old costume.

It's gotten to be the main reason I attend conventions, other than to see friends. Creating and wearing costumes bring me a lot of happiness. It's something that I feel that I am truly good at doing, and something that I really enjoy, so I may as well keep on working, even if I fall out of touch a bit with the anime 'scene', which I have, haha

The basics:
25, female, FL

Currently, I'm working at a certain theme park in FL ;) 

What else is there to know?
Ask, and I'll post as much as I feel comfortable doing :)


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