Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nice Face!

So, the Weeping Angels have big scary faces when they're going to get you.
In the actual show, the masks were latex, and were applied before the latex wigs were put on. I feel like I could do latex casting, but 1) I've never done it before, 2) it's kind of expensive, and 3) I don't have a lot of time.
We joked about using this mask available for download from the BBC lol:
But we decided that a better route would be to make a plaster mask then sculpt on top of it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

angelic hair

The Weeping Angels do not have lush, flowing, human hair.
Their hair is carved, as they are statues. :/

Figuring out what we were going to do to make hair that looked carved was one of the biggest problems of this whole idea.

So we paper mâché-d  our heads and sculpted on top of that with model magic!

Angel Wings

Today we glued the wings together! Or at least 90% done gluing the wings together!

there was TONS of planning involved, and yet only 4 action days! Amazing! (We're 3rd tier black belt lever procrastinators...)

So! Let me tell you about what's been put into these suckers:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SAVE ME! ... no, not really...

So, have you heard of Castle Crashers?
It's this really fun 4 player brawler game for download on the Xbox 360.

A few friends of mine were planning on making the knights' costumes for Dragon*Con, so Ktar and I wanted to join in the fun and be 2 of the 4 princesses that need to be saved throughout the game.
I chose to be Red (my fave color) and she chose to be Blue (her fave color)!

It's a pretty simple costume idea, but altering the dress is proving to be a bit of a challenge because of, well.... my boobs ):I think it's giving her a problem too.... this sucks.

I'm also going to try to make the grey knight for my boyfriend... if I have time, between the Angels and this dress...

I made the hats for the princesses yesterday, all that we need to do on them is add those little white dots on them. I might make a purse shaped like one of the animal orbs that you pick up in the game. they are little animals that float behind you and give you power-ups for different things.

 I don't know which one is the cutest / would work best to do it.... I don't even know if I have time :/


A friend of mine and I love Doctor Who. Most of the aliens are so alien that it would be hard for us to make a costume of, and neither of us really want to be one of his companions (or look like them).

You're looking....

And now you're not!
We love monsters, so we decided to be the Weeping Angels! They're these scary angel statues that look normal until you aren't looking at them anymore. When you blink, or look away, they come to life and will kill you!

We're making this to wear at Dragon*Con this September 3 - 6!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I started a blog to chronicle my adventures in cosplay! I have a lot of plans and I like to keep track of them somewhere I can access anywhere, so here it is!


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