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Here are some resources that I found to be particularly useful or informative. There are a lot of techniques out there, many of which I am learning about as well! Hopefully these will prove to be useful to someone other than me :)
My tutorials:
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Others' tutorials and resources: 
Image tutorials that I have collected:   
I do not claim to have made any of the tutorials listed in these galleries, I simply collected them from a popular image board. All credit goes to the original creators, who is usually credited in the image itself.
GALLERY of Cosplay Prop Tutorials
GALLERY of Cosplay Wig Wutorials

GALLERY of Cosplay General Tutorials

  • Threads Magazine's Teach Yourself to Sew video series  
    • This somewhat new video series by Threads has some great videos on the basics of sewing. I think they do a really good job of breaking it down into simple steps, whether its about zippers or setting in a sleeve. They provide instruction on some really simple projects to get you used to your machine and the terminology used in sewing. I think it's also a great refresher for anyone who rarely uses techinques, such as  setting in zippers. :)
  •  The Vogue Book of Sewing
    • this is my favorite resource book. It has tons and tons of techinques that may be perfect for what you are doing, but didn't know they existed. If you are someone who can learn how to do something, such as sewing, from reading books; THIS is the book for you. My personal favorite is the last section, which details a lot of couture techniques, which will add that little detail to push your craftsmanship from good to great!
  • Ageless Patterns
    • A good source for authentic patterns from the 1860s to the 1920s. They have a LOT of patterns and styles, but the pages are a little hard to navigate. BEWARE: These patterns usually come with the most basic of instructions, as they are copied from vintage sewing magazines. I only reccomend that people who are very comfortable with sewing and reading patterns use these, as I had a little bit of a time with the one I got. It would be great for Steampunk people though!
  • Laughing Moon Mercantile
    • Many less styles than Ageless Patterns, but they are updated, with all the normal pattern markings and gradings as today's patterns. Another good source of 1800s-1900s styles, although limited. Good for steampunk.
  • Burda Style
    • This is an "open source sewing" site. Meaning, users can create and upload patterns, as well as download patterns, for free, or for low cost. This is good if you want to do things a lot cheaper than you could do by buying patterns at the store, or can't get out to the store. There is one caveat: You will need to sit and do a lot of printing and piecing together pages, or go have it printed at a place which can do large scale printing.
Random Tutorials:
  • Petticoat
    • How to make a simple petticoat, found on BurdaStyle.com
(More to come soon!)


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