Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dragon*Con Plans 2012

Well. It's August already. As of today, there are 26 days until Dragon*Con.

Ktar and I have started making the most ridiculous costumes ever, and we'll be wearing them to Dragon*Con.

We've wanted to make Fallout costumes for the longest time, and well, we're doing it. The catch is that they're not what you'd call "ordinary" Fallout costumes, and the only people who will recognize them would be hardcore players of the game, or at least players of the game who share the same silly sense of humor that Ktar and I have...

Presenting the FALLOUT PARTY:

I'll be wearing Sexy Sleepwear (the left) and Ktar will be wearing the Naughty Nightwear (the right)
I'll have the Alien Blaster, a lot of Buffout, a party hat, and Authority Glasses, as well as a pip boy and a lof of other random junk including skill books.
Ktar will share the same junk, but she'll have the Euclid's C Finder.

Look for us derping it up at Dragon*Con, (we'll probably be wearing these at night during the con)

Other costumes planned are:

Adventure Time
Soul Caliber
Weeping Angels.

See you there!

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