Sunday, March 11, 2012

Animazement Plans!

So, I've been talking with my friends, and I am 90% sure we're going to do an Adventure Time group.
the breakdown is:

Flame Princess - me
Ice Queen or Princess Bubblegum - Ktar
Finn - my boyfriend
Marceline - my sister
Human Jake - my sister's boyfriend

I'm pretty sure that Ktar and I are going to be making some Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword costumes:
Fi - me
Zelda - Ktar

As for things we've already made, we're going to bring our Soul Caliber costumes and Weeping Angels.
I'll probably bring Team Magma for myself and my boyfriend, since they are fun and easy to wear costumes :)

On the topic of new costumes:
I've planned out the logistics of my Flame Princess costume, now all I need to do is get to work on it. It shouldn't be too difficult.

I've started toying around with ideas for how to do Fi. The wighat and mask method is old news to me, so I've been focusing on the wacky tights and what I'd do for them. I think I'll get spandex and make my own shoepants... we'll see

I've also started trying to figure out the armor shapes for my and my boyfriend's Monster Hunter Armor. I think he wants to do a Rathalos Blade Master and I am going to do the Rathian Heart Z Blade Master
Rathalos is on left, Rathian Heart Z is on Right, with males on left and females on right.
these shouldn't be too difficult, right? RIGHT? 

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