Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sophitia's Wig

I aplogize for the lack of photos. I'll take some of the completed wig, and add them a bit later :)

To create the wig, I used a 2 color blended blonde Dory wig from Amphigory, and I bought 1 pack of kinky hair, and 2 packs of each blonde color silky hair from Doctored Locks.

I couldn't find any tutorials on anything like I wanted to do here, so I kind of made it up.

I used some batting and fabric dyed to match and made three tapered tubes to make up the bulk of the braid.

I made weft of the kinky braid, and blended my silky braids to make wefts using this tutorial:

After I made the wefts, I cut them into 3 pieces, and attached them to each of the tubes.

I sewed the tubes into the back of the wig, a little but up from the bottom of the back of the wig.

AFter all that, I simply sprayed a lot of hairspray to help glue the hair the fabric tubes as I braided it.

I recently restyled the wig to include hair nets wrapped around each piece of the braid to help it stay neat and not get tangled. I learned that trick from working at Disney :) You can't see the nets unless you're looking for them and know the nets are there.

After braiding it, I  sewed it using clear thread and a curved needle to keep the braid together.

Simple :)

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