Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jadesprite progress/process

(I apologize for the lack of progress photos of this! I made most of this in the middle of the night and didn't feel like looking for my camera. I'll add in some detail shots of what I'm talking about later. As always, feel free to ask me any questions you might have!)

For Jadesprite, I just used a lot of materials that I had lying around. The only things I bought specifically for this costume were the wig, makeup, and glasses.

I made the dress out of a cotton/poly jersey that I had bought over a year ago when it was $1 a yard at Wal-Mart. I lined it with a combination of green fabric and white fabric I reclaimed from sheets bought at a thrift store. I used the green at the bottom of the skirt, so my legs might blend into it a bit more, hoping that it would help the illusion that I had no legs.

Since this character is only depicted as a sprite, not even having arms, I had a lot of freedom with how I would make it. I decided that a wrap dress would look a bit more "ethereal" or something. I wanted the jersey to drape a bit in the design, so I cut the jersey bigger than the lining. There is one instance in the comic where Jadesprite is shown in a more human form, and she has large puffed sleeves, and a furry chest, hence my decisions to make my sleeves so big.

I started by draping out the basic design in some fabric I got for $0.50 a BOLT. It was $0.10 a yard, so I didn't care that it was gaudy Hannah Montana fabric, haha
I came up with the design for the puff sleeves by drawing out a basic sleeve shape, cutting off the sleeve cap and cutting it in the middle, and separating it in quarters. I stretched out the sleeve cap more widthwise than I did lengthwise, if that makes sense. When I went to construct the sleeves, I just gathered the top and bottom of the sleeve cap before sewing it to the rest of the sleeve and the armscye.

To keep the sleeves puffy, I sewed in some tulle, which I had gathered up a bunch to puff out a lot, and covered the itchy ends of the tulle with ribbon. I sewed in a length of ribbon to help hold the sleeve cap to the correct length. I think I might add in a couple more ribbons in each sleeve to hold the puff up better.

The sash attaches with two pants hook and eyes, and a single snap to hold the bow in place on one side, and it is sewed down on the other side.

The ears are on a thin black metal headband. I cut some super heavyweight interfacing into the shape I wanted, and whipstitched it to each side of the headband. I then cut out the fur and hand-stitched it to the interfacing. I had to cut the fur to the length that I wanted it to be.

For the furry neck, I got some really long fur from a friend of mine, and colored the roots green with 3 different colors of Sharpies. It took a while, and my finger tips were all green from smudging it around as I went. I'm really happy with how it came out. After it was all colored, I trimmed the fur on the back of the neck, so it wouldn't rub on the wig quite so much and tangle it.  I then lined it with a white fabric, and added a tab of fabric and snaps to close it.

I made gloves similar to what I did for my weeping angel costume, by gluing on painted fingernails to make them a little more realistic. I just traced my hand carefully and sewed around that to make the gloves out of some leftover jersey.
I didn't want to deal with painting my hands for this costume, so the gloves were awesome to have.

All I did for the glasses was to paint them. I looked at other peoples' Jadesprite costumes, and I didn't like how the glasses were whatever color they ordered. I wanted mine to match and be green, like how they are in the comic.

For the makeup, I used the method I described in my post about our Adventure Time costumes' makeup. I just used white as a base, and green to contour. I painted the bottom of my nose green to emulate a dog's nose, and used green to color in eyeshadow and my eyebrows.

And that's pretty much how I went about Jadesprite. Nothing fancy, but a lot more planning went into it than I thought I would put into it.

As always, if there are any questions, shoot me an email or something! I'll try to answer as fast as I can!

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