Friday, August 20, 2010

angelic hair

The Weeping Angels do not have lush, flowing, human hair.
Their hair is carved, as they are statues. :/

Figuring out what we were going to do to make hair that looked carved was one of the biggest problems of this whole idea.

So we paper mâché-d  our heads and sculpted on top of that with model magic!


We put our hair up in a wig cap, then saran wrapped our heads. We taped with packing tape on top of the saran wrap, covering all of it, making a somewhat stiff clear shell of our heads. While wearing all of this, we used glue and newspaper and put it on our heads.

After we felt it was strong enough to hold its shape after we took it off, we used a hair dryer to help speed it along, and then let it dry for a day or so.
We built up the areas that needed to be built up with crumpled sheets of newspaper and then paper-mâchéd on top of that. We let that dry, then went on to sculpting.


When I went to sculpt my hair, I first covered a large portion of it with a thin layer of Model Magic. I then rolled snakes of different thicknesses and just jumped in. I was timid at first, but I just kind of rolled with it, and filled it in kind of randomly.
I took a lot of screen grabs from the Doctor Who Confidential episode that accompanied "Time of the Angels" from Season 5, which really helped.

I just kind of worked my way up on it until it was where I wanted it to be.
After it had dried for a few days (Model Magic takes a while to fully dry :/ ), I sanded some really rough spots down.

It's ready for Painting Day!

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  1. I love you costume.. really want to make one myself.

    Would any air drying clay be ok for the hair and mask or would I need the lightweight stuff?




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