Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A friend of mine and I love Doctor Who. Most of the aliens are so alien that it would be hard for us to make a costume of, and neither of us really want to be one of his companions (or look like them).

You're looking....

And now you're not!
We love monsters, so we decided to be the Weeping Angels! They're these scary angel statues that look normal until you aren't looking at them anymore. When you blink, or look away, they come to life and will kill you!

We're making this to wear at Dragon*Con this September 3 - 6!

There is a really great Weeping angel costume that Penwiper made over on the Replica Prop Forum
back in 2008, but Ktar and I wanted to do some things differently.

There are a few major parts to the costume: the wig/mask/skin, wings, and dress.
We've been tackling the hair and wings mainly so far.

We made the wig-hats (as I've been calling them) out of a papermache base, then built up with Model Magic Fusion. 

We drew out the base pattern of the wings, made a PVC skeleton, then added chicken wire to that. We are going to use contact cement to glue individual foam featheres on to the chicken wire.

We used a total of 1.5 pairs of pantyhose each, and made kind of a long attached gloves type thing for our arms out of one pair and then the half went towards making a "hood".

We used plaster strips to make the base, and we are going to build up the features using model magic, as we did on the wig hats.

We haven't started the dress but we are going to later this week :)

I'll post a progress post for each category later!

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