Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nice Face!

So, the Weeping Angels have big scary faces when they're going to get you.
In the actual show, the masks were latex, and were applied before the latex wigs were put on. I feel like I could do latex casting, but 1) I've never done it before, 2) it's kind of expensive, and 3) I don't have a lot of time.
We joked about using this mask available for download from the BBC lol:
But we decided that a better route would be to make a plaster mask then sculpt on top of it.

Preparing our heads:
We Saran Wrapped our head again, making sure to cover our ears, since the masks needed to cover our ears a bit. The angels have no ears!
Plaster base:
We bought some Rigid Wrap from Micheal's and followed the instructions. Easy.
 It dried pretty quick too, but I could help saying how we looked like a couple of burn victims >_>;;
Ktar the burn victim!
trying it on with my wighat.

Sculpting the features:
We used more Model Magic (we're only using it so much because it wa on clearance for about 1/3 of it's normal price at ~$1.30 a pack... there's no way I'd have paid full price for it :/ )
We just looked a a lot of pictures and worked our ways up on it.

This is my mask at about 90%:
 I feel like the nose is a bit big.... but we made the plaster masks directly from our faces, so I feel like my nose is big now D:

Anyways, I am probably going to put a coat of resin in the inside of the mask to make it more rigid or something. The plaster is getting a bit floppy :o

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  1. I still love your costumes. I'm definately going to try the Rigid Wrap for my spinner mask. If it works well, I'll work on my Golden angel mask as well



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