Sunday, November 21, 2010

Angelic arms and necks

This is a short post: we had thought about this independently, but Penwiper thought of it first.

We used pantyhose to make sleeves for our arms and a hood to cover our necks so we wouldn't have to deal with body paint.
We cut the crotch out of pantyhose and put put our head through the hole and our arms in the legs. I'm sure we used different approaches on creating the fingers in our gloves. I awkwardly had my arm in one side and used my free had to pin between my fingers, and switched to awkwardly use my left hand to pin my right hand.
I cut the fingers and then sewed them, but I think Ktar sewed her fingers then cut it.

For the hoods, we split the other pair of pantyhose, cutting them right in half, then sticking our head into the leg. I cut a hole, then lo and behold it was too big. I made some little darts in it to tighten it up, and also shape the hole more into a triangle.

I cut straps to tie underneath my armpits to hold the hood down into the right position as I wore it, which proved to be pretty comfortable, actually.

And with that, our costumes were finished being constructed! Onto painting!

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