Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painting the Angel

Painting the Weeping Angels took about a week. Which was about 5 days longer than we expected, haha

First, I figure out the cheapest option of paint would be to find a gallon of grey latex house paint which was mistinted at the hardware store.... and guess what? I actually FOUND the perfect color! It was $10 for a whole gallon, and lets just say that I have enough left over for about 2 MORE Weeping Angel costumes, haha
I also got a gallon of off white discounted paint, which we used to tint the paint lighter. The black was $12 for about 30 ounces of Acrylic paint ): I couldn't find any mistinted house paint for the black, haha

Well, after mixing the shades we needed, we went to painting.

We spray painted all of the wings, wighats, and faces with white spraypaint as a base, since they were all sorts of random colors and shades.

After the white base coat, we painted them with some of that textured spraypaint meant to look like stone, in the lightest color I could find of it. I bought a lot of it on sale for about a fourth of the original price!

After getting everything effectively stony looking, we painted them all with the medium grey paint.

Followed by a coat of dark in all of the crevices, and using the lightest shade to highlight the edges and bring out details.

After everything dried, I cut the bristles of a chipbrush at an angle that was about 1/2" to 3/4" long for splattering. I watered down some straight black enough that it wasn't diluted, but globby enough to stay speckely. I followed that with splatters of the lightest shade.

To paint the dress, we watered down the lightest shade of the grey to coat the entire dress. We didn't mix it down, instead we dipped the paint brush in the paint, then in water, then went to town on the dress. We used the dipping method to dilute all the shades on the dress. We did not use fabric medium on the dress. That would have been a small fortune, and it wasn't necessary...

We waited until the next day to paint the majority of the shadows and highlights, doing it at night didn't seem like the best idea, haha

We just followed the same procedure on the dress as the accessories, skipping the white basecoat and textured paint.

For the arms/sleeves and "hood" to color the neck, we DID use fabric medium, to make sure it could still stretch when we wore it. We also used the same methods of painting on the arms and hood.
 Now it's complete!

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